PaxVax Pharmaceutical Responsive Website

03 Jul 13, Kelly N. Wilson

Who says responsive web design is just for tech businesses or graphic design websites only? Innovative biotech vaccine company PaxVax has adopted this innovative web design strategy , turning around their website’s look into something totally breathtaking and seamlessly flexible.

PaxVax Pharmaceutical Responsive Website

A project undertaken by the graphic design company Project6, PaxVax not only got a new web design but also a new logo and brand identity, and oh, a rather catchy color palette too.

The new website features the diseases that the company targets in particular, as well as the outreach of its vaccines in different parts of the world where it has the greatest impact. In addition to all this, information about prevalent infectious diseases and their potential risks also provide for some informative reading for site visitors.

PaxVax also updates followers of their website about their clinical trials and about the company’s focus towards not just financial, but also social returns.

Adopting a responsive web design in a highly competitive biotech industry is, indeed, a very smart move by PaxVax. “Project6 was also able to highlight our innovative vaccine technology while not losing the social perspective of what we do. We are getting great feedback on the brand and the website and are really pleased by the results.” Nima Farzan, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer of PaxVax was quoted by a news article on Project6’s website.

It’s about time that responsive websites are taken up by unconventional industries like healthcare and pharmaceuticals, and PaxVax has, indeed, set a phenomenal example in this regard. It fulfils the best of both worlds for the company – a flexible, mobile-friendly website established it as an up-to-date company in the rapidly evolving pharma world; and it also helps differentiate the company, making it stand out amongst competitors.

Let’s hope many other companies in other industries, as well as pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, realize and acknowledge the potential of this truly inspiring innovation in web development. Because, after all, we are not that far from a truly responsive world, are we?

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