Responsive Web Design And SEO Definitely Go Hand In Hand!

18 Apr 13, Kelly N. Wilson

We all agree that Google knows best, don’t we? So we should definitely listen when Google recommends responsive web design as the best practice in the industry, especially in terms of SEO. Why is it that when SEO is a key concern for your website, going for a responsive design is the way to go? Let’s check out some advantages of RWD from an SEO perspective.

Responsive Web Design And SEO Definitely Go Hand In Hand

Google Endorses RWD, Why Shouldn’t We?

Google claims that a responsive design works best with any website whose visitors constitute mobile users. In fact, even Bing advocates a responsive design as the preferred method for developing a website. Why are search engines so pro-RWD? Well, there’s a lot to that.

  • It’s so easy to share and link to a single URL than multiple URL. Think about sharing a website you view on your mobile phone with someone who’ll view it on a desktop. Wouldn’t a separate mobile website be annoying?
  • Search engine algorithms can process single URLs more conveniently than separate URLs for desktop and mobile websites.
  • It’s more efficient for search engines to crawl, index and organize website content when there is one URL and the same HTML.

Too Many Screen Sizes Make RWD a MUST!

One of your friends has a tiny mobile screen of 128 X 128; the guy in the adjoining cubicle uses a 320 X 480 touch screen, your boss vouches by the utility of his 640 X 360 tablet, while your boss’s PA is at the desktop for most of the day. With so many screen sizes, you just cannot make separate websites because you cannot know which screen size your website be accessed through.

With a responsive design, it’s easier for the user to transition from one screen size to the next, making search much more convenient. Imagine looking for some content on your desktop, and frantically searching for the mobile version of the website to show to your boss the next morning. Frustrated much? Now you know why the consistency that RWD promises is such a blessing, and that’s why it’s great for SEO.

Convenience of Managing SEO Campaigns

Developing SEO strategies, coming up with feasible solutions and undertaking thorough keyword research and market analysis is important for any website. But doing it for multiple websites not only means additional cost and time, but also an extra dose of stress. Come responsive web design, and you only have a single SEO campaign to manage for one website, streamlining all your hard work and making your efforts towards enhancing your website’s visibility more efficient.

Overall, responsive websites provide a great user experience, regardless of which device a user accesses a certain website. That’s reason enough to use RWD for your SEO strategy.

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