Back to the Basics – Assessing the Need for a Responsive Website for your Business

25 Jun 13, Kelly N. Wilson

Every time a visitor comes to your site, they have usually made up their minds on what they are looking for. Many of these users are in a rush and will likely access your website from their mobile phone. Now if they can’t find what they are looking for in a few minutes, they’ll just exit your website. Period. Will they revisit it? That’s going to be tough since they would have already formed an opinion about your services and business by then.

If you have visited any non-responsive website from a mobile phone, you will testify to how frustrating the experience can be. Because the last thing you’d want is such an experience for your website visitors, it’s time to go over your business’s website and internet-based business development strategy.

Why Your Business Need a Responsive Website

Get a Competitive Advantage

As much as it may seem like responsive website designs have become a norm rather than a fad these days, very few businesses have actually adapted to the new change. In a recent study by the IBM, only about 25 percent of business leaders surveyed felt that their teams were ahead of the others in terms of emerging technology trends, including the use of mobile internet. This means that even if you start thinking and planning about a responsive website today, you may still enjoy an advantage over your competition by offering an optimal mobile browsing to visitors.

Research Well

Before you make a plan, you have to have all the information you need about your users, website functionalities, downloading speeds, etc. Usually, the younger lot uses smartphones more than the relatively older ones, making responsive websites all the more essential for businesses with a youthful target market. That also means making the design attractive and catchy, but yet not compromising on functionality of the website. Before you sit down with the web designer, sit down with your web development team to go over the analytics and visiting frequency in detail and take their input in developing the website.

Start with the Basics if you’re on a Budget

Whether you are a small business or a large one in the middle of a major project, sometimes you simply can’t afford to allocate a significant sum towards a responsive web design strategy. You should check your website’s analytics to see how users access your website and which web pages in particular do they visit. Then start off in a simple way with a mobile-first approach rather than going for a fully-loaded responsive design. Another great idea could be downloading responsive themes such as Omega from Drupal, using pattern libraries, setting grids and media queries, etc.

Your corporate website is literally the face of your business. It will make or break the first impression about you, and it’s your job to ensure it leaves visitors with a pleasant experience. Second visit guaranteed? Check!

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