Why Responsive Web Designing is not just a Fad but the New Marketing Strategy for Businesses Today

02 May 13, Kelly N. Wilson

Check statistics from any leading news website or newspaper and you’ll find it hard to ignore that mobile internet usage is on the rise and becoming more popular every year. So when the web designers’ community began working on the web design revolution called responsive web designing, many looked at it as a breakthrough innovation. But there were many who were skeptical of how important it is in the first place.

Why Responsive Web Designing is not just a Fad but the New Marketing Strategy for Businesses Today

For the latter group of people, let me explain to you why this orthodox way of thinking will just not get you the results, especially if yours is a business website, vying for some traffic to drive up your e-commerce.

The Youth’s at it, so build up your Brand Equity

You know who’ll be the consumers of your products 10, 20 or 30 years from now? The teenagers and 20-somethings using mobile devices today. If you don’t offer them a website they can visit on their small mobile screen, there’s not much reason for them to believe you will deliver a product suitable for them in future. Heck, they probably wouldn’t even know your product if the website they were led too required much painful scrolling and navigation to get to the product they were thinking of buying.

So when you start off with a responsive web design today, you are literally building up your brand equity for the many years to come. That’s some long-term marketing, don’t you agree?

Any Device Size, Anywhere in the World

Thanks to the internet, the world really is a global village. And mind you, it’s a village with innumerable, let me stress it more, ‘innumerable’ sizes of devices. So you don’t know if a purchase is being made through a tablet in small town of India, or an iPad on the subway in New York.

The best way to reach out to anyone and everyone out there, offering a pleasant web experience? RWD!

The Company Website…It’s Any Business’s Online Marketing Foundation

Have you been wondering why should one stress so much on the website for marketing strategy? Read the subheading above again – it’s the FOUNDATION of any online marketing efforts you do. And trust me, in this day and age you just can’t ignore online marketing.

There’s more to how responsive web designing helps with brand building and marketing for your business:

  • It gives users an easy web browsing experience, meaning more visits in future and even more visits with successful purchases
  • It reflects on your business being receptive to changing technology and understanding of consumers’ needs
  • It’s much easier to manage and strategize than handling multiple websites for the desktop and mobile
  • Your responsive website is your only link to your consumers in any part of the world

I think I’ve given enough reasons to convince you why responsive web designing is just too essential for your business’s success. If you’re still in doubt, I guess you ought to give it a shot and see for yourself the wonders that RWD will reap for your business.

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